• Cornille Aventure

    New adventure park in Dordogne

  • Tree climbing adventure courses near Périgueux

  • Crazy golf in Dordogne

    Green synthetic in Périgueux

  • Tree climbing courses

    Zipline, monkey bridge, surfboard, slackline …

  • Crazy golf unique in Dordogne

    Green synthetic

  • Big zipline 130 meters

    An uninterrupted safe-line system and professional instructors onsite.

Cornille Aventure: a family park located 10 min away from Périgueux, Dordogne.

The park is open the 30th of March 2024.

Come and enjoy Cornille Aventure’s family park and spend a memorable day with your friends and family or come and celebrate any special event and occasion. Located 10 minutes away from the city of Périgueux, at the heart of Dordogne, the park is featuring a beautiful natural wood, and a large hilly meadow.

Cornille Aventure offers unique tree climbing adventure courses (known as “accrobranche” in french), and a charming 18 holes mini-golf, a Laser tag outdoor on a wooded plot of 3000m2, a giant catapult (new 2024) and 4 bungee trampolines (new 2024)

Our friendly team is looking forward welcoming you on the site.

Tree climbing adventure course

Experience 125 activities in the trees dispatched in 11 different high and level ways. Choose your difficulty level from 1 to 10 meters!



  • 11 courses

  • 2 Zipline courses

  • 1 Mega Zipline of 130m

  • 1 Quick Jump of 10 m

    Jump to 10m with 3m of free fall (included in junior+,teen and adult rates)

The “Quick Jump” a genuine and fully secured free fall experience.
The “Duo Way”: choose a partner and share fun and challenging experiences together.
Unique activities: monkey bridge, Tibetan bridge, giant coconut, dominoes, “Tarzan jump”, hanging stirrups, surfboard, hanging bicycle, tightrope bar, slackline, climbing wall…

11 Courses

  • Kid‘s way from 1m to 1,30m
  • Kid’s zip line way from 1,10m to 1,30m
  • 1 Kid+‘s way from 1,10m

The Kid zip line and Kid + courses are accessible to parents (with specific harness) who want to accompany their child.

  • 1 Junior‘s way from 1,20m
  • 1 Family‘s way from 1,20m
  • 1 Zipline‘s way from 1,20m
  • 1 Big Zipline 130m from 1,30
  • 1 Red‘s way from 1,40m
  • 1 Black‘s way from 1,40m
  • 1 Quick Jump from 1,30m

For accompanying persons on the ground it is free

For tree climbing the cash desk closes 2 hours before the park closes.

The courses close 30 minutes before the park closes so that you have time to complete them.

Age and size define which ways are practicable for any tree climbing adventurer (from 3 years old).
To guarantee your safety, we have chosen to use an uninterrupted safe-line system as well as the constant presence of professional instructors onsite.

Ligne de vie continue et moniteurs diplômés !

Crazy golf

18 holes Crazy golf

Enjoy our crazy golf
Playful and with its elegant design (synthetic green coating), this unique mini-golf will remind you the greatest golf courses. This crazy golf has been designed to be easily accessible to disabled people, making it enjoyable for everyone.

Unique in Dordogne!

Pets not allowed on the crazy golf.

Outdoor laser tag

Outdoor laser tag

100% fun and playful, 0% danger, in a beautiful natural space.
From 7 years old.
You can practice this activity with our family, friends, or during an “open” session.

No projectiles, no pain, no specific outfit needed.
Your equipment: a brand-new technology, easy to carry and use..

Adrenaline, technology and sport!

  • Opportunity to shoot up to 150 meters.
  • Different scenarios and roles (soldier, sniper, doctor/nurse).
  • Life and munitions appear on a screen.

An instructor will explain you the game and will make you choose a scenario depending of your group and willing.

a 10 minutes briefing with your instructor + 20 minutes game.
From 4 to 20 players.


Giant Catapult

Giant Catapult

NEW 2024

Get ready to experience mind-blowing sensations!

Feeling of free fall .

The Giant Catapult is a thrilling activity where you are catapulted from the ground to the sky, from a height varying between 5 and 20m.

This reverse bungee jump will guarantee you accelerations of up to 3G, in less than 2 seconds. Come quickly and get harnessed for an imminent takeoff! Laughs guaranteed!

Do you dare to confront the Catapult?

This activity is perfect for remembering a special day such as birthdays, bachelorette parties and hen parties! One thing is certain, you won’t be able to forget it!

This activity is suitable for as many people as possible because we can adapt it according to your wishes, with more or less rapid and more or less high ejections.


This activity is not suitable for people with back, neck or shoulder problems and is not recommended for pregnant women.

It is accessible from 35 kg to 110kg Maximum.

Approved equipment

The staff will equip you with a safety harness with shoulder straps. This equipment is connected to elastics at height and to a hook on the ground.


Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

NEW 2024

Want thrills? Ready to take on the challenge of weightlessness? The bungee trampoline invites you to live a unique experience in Dordogne.


Perform a somersault from the first sessions. Jump, spin, and defy gravity in a world of fun and adrenaline in complete safety!


Made up of 4 independent trampolines on the ground topped with a metal structure, the Bungee trampoline allows anyone equipped with a harness to perform bounces on the trampoline. The assistance of the elastics amplifies the jumps: by pushing hard it is possible to climb up to 9 m high! All figures are then permitted and the descent is cushioned by the elastics which refocus the user on the middle of the trampoline. Sensations guaranteed!


Designed for children from 15 kg and adults up to 100 kg. This activity is not suitable for people with back, neck or shoulder problems and is not recommended for pregnant women.


Outdoor Escape Game

“The last Dragon”

You have been selected by The Bureau of Mysterious Affairs (BAM) for the mission.

Equipped with a digital tablet and a parchment, go in search of the 6 Dragonic Power Eyes in the forest and be cunning, succeed in all the tests that will allow you to find the last egg of the Earth Dragon.

  • Easy from 8 years old
  • For who ? Ideal for a birthday or a family outing
  • Price for 2 to 4 people is 60€ and 15€ per additional person (max 6 people)


At your service : 
Refreshment with terrace, picnic area, bus park, toilet

Schedule, Tariffs, Booking

Prices 2024

Tree climbing 

Kid (3 to 6 years old ) : 10 € – 3 courses

Kid+ (4 to 7 year old ) : 12 € – 4 courses
Junior (7 to 11 years old) : 14 € – 5 courses
Junior with quick jump and big zipline (10 to 11 years old) : 16 €
Adult ( 12 years old and +) : 20 € – all courses (except kids courses)

Laser Game outdoor ( necessary booking )
20 minutes game : 9 € – Two 20 minutes game : 16 €

Crazy Golf
Kid (- 12 years old) : 5 € par game
from to 12 year old : 7 € par game

Extra game : 3 €

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Contact Cornille Aventure


Lieu-dit Lacombe – F-24750 CORNILLE
5mn from Aquacap – Access by D8 road

Telephone: +33 (0)553458871

Email: contact@cornille-aventure.com


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